Endophyte Service Lab

This is our online sample submission and results retrieval site. We test feed materials for ergovaline, lolitrem B and ergot alkaloids; for some test types, rush processing is available. Registered clients can use this system to submit samples for Endophyte Mycotoxin Testing in a variety of feed substances and retrieve results once they are available. If you have any questions, please contact the laboratory by phone (541-737-2872) or email (Jennifer.Duringer@oregonstate.edu) and we will provide advice on setting up an account and proper sample collection and submission.

Individuals can find further information such as our mission and values, answers to commonly asked questions, relevant scientific literature, and testing fees for the laboratory on our informational site at https://emt.oregonstate.edu/endophyte-lab.

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Jennifer Duringer, PhD
Endophyte Service Laboratory Director

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